SpiderData - A Web Based Records Management System



SpiderData Webbased Database OPS System

Team Work Flow

Track your agency's work flow with live data, with team member input. Assisting with managing where your work flow and team members are with better chorography of time.

Starting an event or task begins the process of daily SpiderData work flow tracking or operations.

SpiderData can perform comprehensive data rich reports and upon request custom reports. Members can generate reports indicating their participation with team work flow. Get total work flow hours and knowledge of where they are in the payrol process by location or date range.

With SpiderDatas' a law enforcement agency has the option of tracking statistical non-confidential or non-criminal raw data and later generate reports for in house or data transparency.

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SpiderData Webbased Database System

Asset Scheduling

Automated features built into SpiderData makes agency event management a viable goal for all members.

Reduce potential logistical and team member conflicts with the help from SpiderData.

Set Schedules, direct members live, give advanced notices of future events. Payroll and Supervisor incident auditing and reporting also can assist with team work flow.

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SpiderData Webbased Database System

Vehicle records

Keep track of a vehicles' or equipment's maintenance needs by allowing up to date vehicle and equipment service records.

Any team member can place any equipment or vehicle out of service and advise the whole team seamlessly and immediately. Keeping all in the know of any pending or potential issue regardless of team member level.

Spiderdatas' built in message que's assist with advanced notices of pending issues in regards to team member, vehicle and/or equipment operations.

Preventive maintenance records and vehicle or equipment history adds to SpiderDatas' ability in helping to keep vehicles and equipment safe to operate...

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SpiderData Webbased Database OPS System LIVE Asset Scheduling - On the fly!


With SpiderData's built in calendar and the added members' collaboration. Efficiency and timely asset assignments can be achieved. Schedules can be dynamic or static and yet, remain reliable. Either way with SpiderData's Calendar asset tracking is a whole lot easier!

SpiderData assists your team with agency or personal scheduling. With SpiderData offering automated event input of your team members tasks or events into the agency calendar saves time.

Color coded categories help with the organization of agency task and events!

Scheduling live and on the Fly!

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SpiderData Webbased Database OPS System LIVE Vehicle records - Know what's up with your vehicle or your team fleet, On the fly!


SpiderData has a built in vehicle or fleet maintenance records system. Keep track of your vehicle or fleet records. Everyone is in the know, by allowing your team to review the records as well.

Safety is a team effort, with SpiderData a vehicle "Out of Service", anyone when a safety issue arises can let other team members know about the issue and make the safe move. Keeping all your team safe and to boot, help avoid costly vehicle repairs.

SpiderData keeps track of oil usage by updating your vehicles oil status with every job milage update for the selected vehicle by the last inputted mileage by your team members. Keeping SpiderData in the know!

When a vehicle is close to or due an oil change SpiderData lets you know, On the Fly!

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SpiderData Webbased Database OPS System LIVE Member Activity - Know what team members are doing, On the Fly!


SpiderData, allows for supervisors, and other key agency team members to be in the loop!

Members can see what's being done or what's been done, LIVE, keeping the team on target while achieving team goals!

SpiderData keeps track of task hours, asset usage, and activity data. Providing assistance with assigning assets to areas that require more or less attention linking members with situational awareness.

With SpiderDatas' Law Enforcement an agency can conduct traffic stops and later generate Racial Data Collection (RDC).

Multiple RDC reports to include annual reports, report by member, report based by date range allow transparency with the added ability to export in multiple file formats online!

Up to date information dissemination is key for proper supervision of agency events.

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